看板娘 ベイビーザスターズシャインブライト




My Favorite


A centuries old clockmaker discovered being able to prolong his life by fabricating the most peculiar clocks. Having repeatedly extended his lifespan, he has left behind friends, family and all things naturally temporal. For a long time he has not even been able to remnisce those things, for ticking is the only thing he can hear anymore. Ticking of thousand clocks. Ticking of the inevitable, he so foolishly begun to race with. Now he is barely a man anymore; a pale shade at the boundary of existence staying alive narrowly by his manic craft. A belief in a clockwork design that would turn the wheel of time and bring love and life back to his soul is what keeps him going on deeper into the maddening architecture of reality. But there are some things that are beyond the manipulation by man made constructs, and there are some things that have their dedicated time in this universal experiment - in this grand cosmic play.

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Inspired by BTSSB early 2000s shop page